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Top 5 Best Waterfalls in India

India is a country where culture and nature, both mix together and make the country best among all regions of the world. Planning to visit somewhere, you can feel the nature and place where you can have soothing sound of water cascading down the steps and this sound of water will always please your soul. Yes, there are places like your dream place in India where you should visit one in a while are these are the destination of the lifetime.

There are more than 1000 waterfalls in India some originated directly from the ice glaciers and some waterfalls are there which make their own pathway merge into the sea and this how they turn into a beautiful scenery and  the place to spend your vacations peacefully and will definitely make you fall in in love with the beauty of nature. You are confused which place to hunt down first and explore it to the depth, here are top 5 best waterfalls in India.

If you are wishing to escape from the hustling, bustling life of Mumbai or of anywhere, you should plan a trip to the gateway to the beautiful Satara city of Maharashtra. This city is the treat for all nature lovers as the lush green vegetations and the mountains surround it. Basically, this place is famous fall it is. Thosegarh falls, which are remarkably known as the pride of the Western Ghats. This waterfall ranges up to 15 meters to 500 meters you can easily hear the bushing pleasing sound of the waterfall from a distance but if you want to enjoy the wholesome view of the place you should visit their ones and enjoy the majestic view of the waterfall.


Nohkalikaki is said to be India’s tallest waterfall among all. This waterfall is even referred to as the seven sisters fall because of the presence of several waterfall strands cascading at the same time and falling down in parallel. If you want to see the majestic view of this waterfall, you should visit here in the monsoon season. This waterfall is located in Cherrapunji the Northeast region of India. This place is also said to be the wettest place on earth with most beautiful waterfalls, which will blow your mind.




This most beautiful and easily spotted waterfall in India by the tourists. This waterfall is located in the Brahmagiri range, which is in Kodagu district of Karnataka, which is bordering the Wayanad district of Kerala. This waterfall is so majestic that people from all over the world come here to spend their vacations with their family and friends. Local people also name this waterfall as Lakshmana Tirtha Falls. It is located near The Rajeev National Park.


Dudhasagar falls are also very famous by the name as SEA OF MILK around the country. A trip to this waterfall is the experience you do not get anywhere else. This waterfall is located at Goa-Karnataka border, it is considered to be the 4th tallest waterfall in India, which will lead you to the heaven of milk. For people who like trekking this place offers an excellent opportunity to treck and view the mind-blowing view of this waterfall.


Nuranang falls come under India’s most spectacular waterfalls, which are located in the Twang district of Arunachal Pradesh, India. These falls are also known as the Bong Bong Falls. This waterfall is a must visiting the place one with friends or family. Cherish and enjoy the moment with the glorious and beautiful view of Nuranang Falls.

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