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Top 5 Best Light Weight Scooters for Girls

Top 5 Best Light Weight Scooters for Girls

Women generally prefer lightweight scooters for their easy travel and convenience in driving or handling. There are a number of lightweight scooters available in the market for ladies with anumber of good features and specifications. In terms of ride, grip and storage space lightweight scooters are good for girls. Since automatic gears scooters are preferred by the ladies, they need lightweight scooters. So, I come here with top 5 best lightweight scooters in relations to their popularity, handling, availability and service with their price (Not on road price).

5. Hero Motocorp Pleasure
-It weighs 101.00 kg
-This is a fuel efficient scooter which gives amileage of 35 km to 45 km per liter on theride. It speed capacity is 77 kmph at maximum. It is built with IBS brakes fitted in the drum in the front and back. It comes with spring at rear for suspension safety and front suspension for safety.
-In spite of having thelightweight, it is loaded with powerful OHC engine with 4-stroke single cylinder. The performance and efficiency of theengineare 7000 rpm power and 7.85 Nm @ 5000 rpm rotation on theride. The engine features 102 cubic capacity and it is available in the standard model and alloy model.
-It is priced in India at Rs.42900 only (ex-showroom).

4. TVS Wego
-It weighs 104 kg.
-In 2014, TVS launched all new featured Wego version in India. Its engine is coupled with automatic gears. It as aluminum built engine which delivers apeak power of 8.1 PS@ 7500 rpm and 8Nm of rotation on theride.
-For enhancing suspension, there is telescopic front used. It comes with front and rear brakes of 130 mm fitted. There are optical disc brakes for this scooter.
-It is priced in India at Rs.51,364 only (ex-showroom)

3. TVS Scooty Streak
-It weighs 96 kg being one of the lightest scooters.
-It is ahighly popular model among the college girls and ladies because of its very low weight and easy handling features. It is powered by 87.80 cubic capacity, 4-srroke engine. The engine is capable of providing 5Bhp@ 6500 rpm maximum power and 5.8 Nm@ 4000 rpm max rotation on theride.
-It is fitted with automatic gears for thesuave ride. It comes with very different additions like mobile charger and front lock-box for aglove or other things. It gives adecent mileage of 75 km per liter in highway and 55 km per liter in thecity. There is front telescopic forks suspension and drum brakes fitted to thefront and rear part.
-It is priced in India at Rs.44,000 only (ex-showroom)

2. TVS Scooter Pep Plus
-It weighs 95 kg, again one of the lightest scooter powered by TVS.
-It offers a mileage of 70 km per liter as it is fitted with smooth engine capacity i.e. 87.80 cubic capacity which is able to agitate 5 Bhp@ 6500 rpm power output and 5.8 Nm@ 4000 rpm rotation on theride.
-The engine is coupled with Automatic Gears transmission. Brakes fitted in it are 100 mm drum front and rear disc brakes for supplementary safety and steadiness on theride. The plus points of this scooter are its quality, comfort, style. But it lacks low-end mumble.
-It is priced in India at Rs.42,200 only (ex-showroom)

1. Yamaha Ray Z
-It weighs 104 kg, which is relatively high than others but it is due to its style and fashionable look.
-This is the only model of the scooter providing asporty look in spite of being a female aligned model. Like other models, it comes with automatic gears. It offers 85 km per liter on speed ride usually highways whereas 40-45 km per liter in thecity. It is powered by 113 cc engine with 2 valves and 4-stroke SOHC engine which is capable of churning out 7 Bhp@7500 rpm output of power and 8.1 Nm@ 5500 rpm rotation on theride.
-Differentiating features are aself-start, step up aseat, pass light and comfort foot rest. It is built with 130mm drum brakes in front and rear.
-It is priced in India at Rs.48,000 only (ex-showroom)

Here we have come to know the top 5 best lightweight scooters for girls and ladies depending on their price, features and other safety. If you are planning to get one for you then you can consider the points given here for making your decision easy.

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