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Top Five Best Bluetooth Speakers

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Speakers

Speaker is very important device for music lovers either he/she is composer or listener. Best quality speakers define beats and notes of music. Different speakers are available in market and many of them are wired which is very inconvenient to handle so Bluetooth speakers are much preferred now a days especially for personal use. Many variants are available which makes it quite confusing to choose a best and affordable one.Some of the mid-ranged Bluetooth Speakers available in India with their features and customers preference are listed below which will help you to make a better selection:-

5. JBL Pulse 2
-This is an admirable product of JBL which has made its product different from its earlier version by aligning multi-LED to its speakers. In terms audio it’s powerful and thriving. The light sensor present in it scales the color tone of the surrounding and LEDs blinks of that color.
-Built wise it’s cylindrical and it has got button on the upper part and delivers audio in all direction. You can’t stop yourself from turning yourself from turning your head listening its audio. It’s a very attractive model launched by JBL both in terms of look and audio.
-Its available at a price of Rs.10000 approx. in the market currently.

4. Logitech X300
-Though Logitech is pointedly less expensive than other Bluetooth speakers, it has not conceded to astonish by its audio clarity and eminence. The best part of this speaker is audio balance which is really excellent.
-Build wise it looks 3D hexagonal figure with very decent color which looks well-ordered and very light weight which makes it easy to be carried around.
-Its available at a price of Rs.3000 approx. in the market currently.

3. Altec Lansing Lifejacket 2
-It is the extended version of Mini Lifejacket 2 which is recognized for its loud and vigorous audio that is produces. Though slight distortion at loud volume but overall audio joined with worthy sound makes its excellent manageable speaker.
-In build it’s a bit heavy than others but its highly durable so heavy weight is acceptable here. The exclusive feature we can find in this it also entertain as a power bank and speaker phone making it a complete package.
-Its available at a price of Rs.7980 approx. in the market currently.

2. JBL Flip 3
-It’s an excellent product by JBL in terms of budget portable speaker piece. It also has got speaker phone support and multiple pairing i.e. you can connect multiple speaker to a single audio via JBL connect application. This seems very interesting part of it.
-Build wise it is very much simple and rectangular with curved edges and, not so much heavy weight which supports to deliver plentiful amount of power.
-Its available at a price of Rs.8045 approx. in the market currently.

1. UE Roll
-It’s an excellent Bluetooth speaker in terms of safety because its waterproof which makes it use at any place without any fear of being wet. It delivers 360 degrees audio with the amusing tone. Sound is quite clear, influential and bright.
-Build wise it has got very light weight and color options are available here. Its round shaped which facilitates audio spread in all direction.
-Its available at a price of Rs.6199 approx. in the market currently.

We have already seen the different types of bluetooth speakers with their features and additional attachments in terms of utility. You can go for any speakers depending on their portability, price, looks and other more features. Ranking of speakers are done on the basis of sale and ratings provided by the customers. So, we can make choice on the basis of our requirement and budget.

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