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Ten Ways To Invest Your Money

Ten ways to invest your money

Investments are the best way to achieve financial security. Everyone wants to achieve financial security either for investing in some business or for their old age. However, it takes effort and knowledge to invest your money in such a way that the greatest benefits can be achieved in a shorter span of time. Some investments take time, but are risk free while there are others which can be highly risky, but turned in your favor will provide the greatest benefits in the shortest time. So think wisely and carefully before you invest. Here we list the top 10 best ways you can invest your money and multiply it.

10. Unit linked Insurance plans

ULIPs are one of the best investment options in India. Lips are products offered by companies that is different from an insurance policy and gives the investors both insurance and investment within a single integrated plan. HDFC life offers ULIPs in various ranges.

9. Investing in bonds

If Mutual funds and direct equity investments are not your thing, you can invest in bonds. Investing in bonds is one of the best investment options and many good bonds provide high rate of return on investments. So if chosen wisely, investing in bonds can be a wise investment.

8. Initial public offerings

IPOs are offered by some famous companies once in a long time and they are attractive and beneficial if launched by good and reputed company. However, they may have some risks associated with them as there are uncertainties and lack of information regarding IPO’s.

7. Company Fixed Deposits

Company FDs are more beneficial than bank FDs as it gives a higher interest rate. The investment period is to be selected carefully as the money can’t be withdrawn before the plan matures. Corporate fixed deposits are not under the control of reserve banks of India and are not under any insurance benefits. This makes it one of the top best investment options in India. So anyone who can take a little risk and wants to invest for long term can take part in this.

6. Post Office Saving Schemes

This is the best investment option for retired senior citizens as this post office; saving scheme plan provides monthly income requirements for the senior citizen. This scheme doesn’t have any risk related factor even though the interest is quite low. The Interest rate is 7.80% payable monthly per annum in the form of multiples of 1500.
The Maximum investment limit for a Single account is Rs. 4.5lacs and for Joint account are Rs 9lacs.The minimum age for eligibility is 10 and above (can be opened in the name of minors or by minor)
A Single account is more convertible to a joint account and also can be vice versa.

5. Gold Investment

Gold is the oldest and most beneficial investment in India as the value of the gold keeps on increasing every day.
Gold investment comes in the form of the gold deposit scheme; gold ETF, Gold Bar, Gold mutual funded, and Gold investment can benefit you in a short period of time.

4. Real Estate investment

Real Estate investment is one among the best investment options as it is a growing sector in the market and it involves housing, manufacturing, and retail and hospitality sections. Investing in a flat or a plot of land is a long and beneficial investment as the risk is very low since real estate prices keep on hiking every month.

3. Direct equity or share purchase

One needs to carefully analyze the situation before investing in a direct equity or share. It needs to be mentioned in the top 10 investment options because if purchased carefully and invested in for a long time, there is a high probability of a good profit.

2. Mutual Fund

Investing in equities and bond along with a balance of risk and return may invest in mutual funds.
Investing in stock markets through a mutual fund is trending in the market. The Mutual fund is one of the best investment options in India by the systematic investment plan. This investment plan will give a much better return compared to any other investment option.

1. Public Provident Fund

PPF is the safest and secure long term investment option in India is totally tax free. The maximum amount for PPF is 1, 50,000/ – (One FY) and the minimum amount is 500/- (One FY). Under the PPF account, the money gets locked for the time of 15 years and you can earn compound interest from this account. The time frame can be extended for the next 5 years additionally. The drawback is money can be withdrawn at the end of 6 the yr. Only however a loan can be available on the balance of PPF account.
The current interest rate for years 2016-2017 is 8.1%pa.
All interests earned on PPFs are tax-free.

We hope you find this article informative and helpful. Here we listed top 10 ways to invest your money. Although the best investment plan varies from individual to individual and should be chosen wisely keeping all the probabilities in mind so that you can reap the most benefits.

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