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Ten Incredible Coincidence Of The World

Ten Incredible Coincidence Of The World
There are many things that occur around us that usually leave us astonished. Sometimes things happen without any logic. However the coincidence of these events always leaves us spell bound. The fact that two events happen so well coordinated can only make us believe in such incredible coincidences. These coincidences go against probability and nature. Here are the top 10 coincidences that have happened around the world.baner-copy

10. Similarity Between Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy
Both Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy were elected as presidents of USA. They were both elected as the 46th representative of the house. Abraham Lincoln became the president in 1846 and JFK became the president in 1946. Both were elected to congress. Abraham Lincoln was shot in the Ford’s theater and JFK was shot in a Ford which was made by Lincoln.

9. Twins Die At The Same Time
In March 2002, twin brothers from Finland died the exact same way, on the same road 2 hours apart. The brothers died on the same road. Officers handling the case claimed that is was the first ever case in the history of Finland that they had witnessed.

8. Mesut Ozil And Enzo Ferrari
Every football fan has heard of the talented young German footballer Mesut Ozil. He is known to be one of the best midfielders of today’s generation. However not many know the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari, looked exactly like Mesut Ozil. The coincidence is that Enzo Ferrari died in 1988 and Mesut Ozil was born in 1988.
7. Identical Killings
In 1975, a man was killed in an accident after being hit by a taxi. He was riding a motorcycle when the taxi hit him. The incident occurred in Bermuda Island. A year later, the exact same incident occurred killing another biker at the same spot. What’s even more shocking is that the biker had the same bike that the previous victim was riding and it was the same taxi. It was later revealed that both victims were brothers.
6. Twins Separated At Birth
In Ohio, there were twins that were adopted by two different families who never knew each other. Both were named James by their respective families. Both brothers grew up and were not aware of each other’s existence. They even started looking for similar jobs. Both were amazing with carpentry and painting. Both married women that were named Linda and ended up naming their kids James Alen. Both got divorced from their wives and married women with the same name – Bretty. Both had a dog named Toy. Both came to know of each other’s existence only by the age of 40.
5. Double Heart Attack
Twin brothers who lived separate lives about 180 kms away from each other died at the exact same time due to the same illness. Both brothers suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away at the same time in different hospitals.
4. Unknown Author
Paris was browsing through a bookstore when she happened to pick up a book she thought had an interesting title. After reading the book she soon realized that it was actually her book that she didn’t ever publish. The book even had her home address printed on it.
3. King Louis XVI
King Louis XVI was told that the number 21 is not auspicious for him. Although he tried to protect himself from that number, it eventually brought about his downfall. He was arrested on 21st June 1971. He faced assassination on January 21st and was beheaded.
2. Monk Stops Suicide
Joseph Aigner who was a popular painter in the 19th century attempted to end his life on various occasions. However, each time he attempted suicide a particular monk stopped him. The first attempt was when he was 18 years old, the next when he was 22. The monk also saved him from a death sentence for his involvement in political activities. Aigner however shot himself when he was 68. The funeral was conducted by that same monk who saved him three times. Aigner did not know the monk; in fact he didn’t even know his name.
1. Mark Twain And Haley Comet
Mark Twain was born on the same day when Haley’s Comet appeared in the year 1835. In 1909 he predicted that he came in with the Haley’s Comet and will go with it as well. He predicted his death and it did come true.

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