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Ten Bizarre Laws From Around The World

Ten Bizarre Laws From Around The World
Law is just a normal thing in a certain place or nation. Without a law, a certain country may be in chaos because people are very free to do whatever they want, even though it is no longer right to do a certain thing. The question is, do you know that there are a number of bizarre laws that you might not believe existing? Yes, here are the 10 bizarre laws from around the world that you should know:baner-copy

10. Making Funny Faces to Dogs Is Illegal in Oklahoma, USA
In the state of Oklahoma in the United States of America, pet dogs are well-loved by the people. In fact, it is not allowed to make ugly faces on dogs in this state. Because if you’ll do, you can be fined, or worse, jailed.

9. French Women Shouldn’t Wear Pants
French women were under the no-pants-allowed law for 214 years, especially when they were in Paris. It all started way back in 1799. But today, such bizarre law is finally revoked.
8. Qualified Technician is the Only One Allowed to Change a Light Bulb in Australia
In the Australian state of Victoria, you shouldn’t dare to change a light bulb if you are not a certified electrician. If you will do, then you should be ready to pay a fine of AU$10.

7. Always Put a Smile on Your Face in Italy
Another bizarre law is initiated in Italy, particularly in Milan. This is the law to register smiles on the faces at all times, except in hospital visits and funerals.
6. Women Shouldn’t Drive a Car in Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia is the only nation in the entire world that doesn’t allow women to drive a car on their own. They were not even allowed to vote, but not until 2015 when King Abdullah changed the law.
5. Men and Women Undies Shouldn’t Be Hanged Together in Minnesota, USA
In the US state of Minnesota, it is never allowed to hang men and women undies in one line. They must be in different washing lines, if you don’t want to get fined.
4. Being Overweight Isn’t Allowed in Japan
Japan has this Metabo Law that states, 40 years old and above men and women are not allowed to become overweight. Men should have below 32 waistline, and women should have below 36 waistline.
3. Chewing Gum Isn’t Allowed in Singapore
Since 1992, it is already now allowed to chew some gums in Singapore. When you go to this country, be sure not to break such law if you don’t want to get imprisoned.
2. Don’t Die in Parliament Houses in the United Kingdom
Parliament Houses are considered to be royal places, so you aren’t allowed to die in these places. If you will do, then get ready to be in trouble.
1. Don’t Start Your Car in Denmark Without Checking If Kids are Sleeping Under It
In Denmark, children always play underneath the cars. Because of this, you should take time checking if kids are under your car or not before starting the engine.
These are the 10 bizarre laws from around the world that you should know. They might be unusual, but they should be followed if you don’t want to end up being imprisoned.

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